Exude Confidence and Let Loose Your Inner Flapper with Crystals by Swarovski® Jewellery

Once upon a time, a flapper was a woman who was adventurous, bold, stylish, fun-seeking, and unconventional. We don’t know about you, but this is a gal we still want to emulate. She doesn’t follow trends – she sets them.

She doesn’t care about popular opinion – she goes for what she wants without apologies. If you want to emulate this enviable creature, start with style (a little Swarovski® Crystal jewellery helps), then follow with attitude.

How to Flaunt Enviable Flapper Flair

Don’t just wish you were that compelling woman – be her.

1. Ooze Elegance

Start cultivating flapper flair with your style. Put on long Swarovski® crystal necklaces and a sheath dress. Add some glittery dancing shoes and you’re primed for a night of fun.

2. Straighten Up

A woman with confidence stands straight and tall. Pull your shoulders back, straighten your spine, and lift your chin slightly.

3. Make Direct Eye Contact

Of course, you can bat your eyelashes with the best of them, but don’t forget to make direct eye contact to make a lasting impression. Remember: Don’t stare too long, but don’t nervously look around the room when someone is speaking to you.

Draw Attention to Your Best Features with Swarovski® Crystal Bracelets and Necklaces

The right jewellery can draw attention to your best features in a strategic way. Want to put the spotlight on your pretty face? Wear Swarovski® crystal necklaces that sit close to your neckline. Want to set off your strong arms, delicate hands, or even just your painted nails? Choose Swarovski® crystal bracelets.

With confidence, style, boldness, and the right accessories, flapper flair can be yours.

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